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DMV Updated Procedures

The Department of Motor Vehicles, also known as DMV, has issued an update as part of their Liaison meeting. There are some interesting tidbits of information in that meeting, as I am sure many people are interested to know the types of documents needed for obtaining a driver’s license.

Administrative Closure or Termination of Removal Proceedings:

The DMV liaison minutes indicates that it will accept Immigration Judges’ Orders for Administrative Closure or Termination of Removal Proceedings as “proof of status.” Presumably this means that applicants that have an original Order from an Immigration Judge showing Administrative Closure or Termination of removal proceedings are now eligible for a driver’s license. This appears to be new, as previously the DMV employee would have needed proof of an employment card before the license could be issued. There is no mention of an employment card requirement in the liaison minutes notes.

The above is important, as hopefully thousands of people have been recipients of administrative closure, and so these individuals can now apply and receive a driver’s license from the DMV.

Cancellation of Removal Applicants:

Applicants for cancellation of removal, who are in removal proceedings, usually need to show an employment card to obtain a driver’s license. If they have a reason for not obtaining an employment card, a system has been put into place where the DMV can be contacted to explain why the applicant for cancellation of removal does not have an employment card but should still be eligible for a driver’s license.

Syrian TPS:

The DMV has indicated that they have updated their systems to note that Syrian nationals are now part of the TPS program.


The DMV now accepts white USCIS receipts (Form I-797) as official proof. The white receipts are a new form of receipt issued by USCIS. The original receipts were printed on colored quality stock paper with the USCIS emblem present all over the form I-797. Now, some of the receipts are printed on ordinary white paper. The DMV has adjusted their policy to accept these white receipts as original receipts.

Syrian Nationals can Now File for TPS

The USCIS has released a notice that Syrian nationals may now apply for TPS starting on March 29, 2012 until the deadline of September 25, 2012. The notice initially stated that the deadline is September 30, 2013, but this is incorrect. USCIS has released a new notice that clarifies that the deadline is in September of 2012. It is a good idea to file sooner than later, given the confusion over the correct deadline.

Individuals who habitually resided in Syria and are without nationality are also eligible for TPS. All applicants must present proof of residence here in the U.S. on March 29, 2012. Applicants with a criminal record may not be eligible for TPS, so individuals who have a criminal record and wish to apply for TPS should seek legal counsel before filing for TPS.

Examples of other countries eligible for TPS include El Salvador, Sudan and South Sudan, Somalia, Honduras, Nicaragua and Haiti.

TPS has been extended for Salvadorans

USCIS has recently announced that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) has been extended for nationals of El Salvador. The extended period is from March 10, 2012 until Sept. 09, 2013, which is an 18 month extension of time.

Current nationals of El Salvador that have TPS have only a 60 day window within which to extend their status. The deadline is through March 12, 2012. USCIS is NOW accepting applications, so please file as soon as possible if this applies to you. TPS applicants will also receive employment authorization as well that will be valid until September 09, 2013.

To re-register, applicants must file form I-821 and I-765, Application for Employment Authorization. Both forms must be filed together. People who are extending their status do not need to repay the filing fees for the I-821 form, but they must submit the biometrics fee or fee waiver form if they are over 14 years of age. They also must pay the employment authorization filing fee or a fee waiver form if they are eligible for that fee waiver. The fee waiver form is Form I-912.

All of these forms can be downloaded at

USCIS has extended TPS for Haitians until 2013

USCIS has just announced that TPS has been extended for Haitians until January 22, 2013. This is an 18 month extension. Haitian applicants that have not filed for TPS may do so immediately. The DEADLINE for filing a TPS application for the first time is November 15, 2011. This deadline can be extended, but as of May 19, 2011, this is the current deadline.

Haitians that currently have TPS must wait to re-file, since USCIS is planning on issuing a notice of instructions for those individuals. However, Haitians who currently have TPS status must be sure to file to extend their TPS status before August 22, 2011.

Any Haitians that enter the U.S. illegally now are not eligible for TPS. Haitian applicants that apply now for TPS need to show they continually resided in the U.S. since January 12, 2011. All individuals who want to file for TPS should file forms I-821 and I-765, as well as any required fees or fee waiver and required documentation including a copy of one’s passport, I.D. and a birth certificate with translation if available. Other documents may be required, as determined based on each person’s circumstances.