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USCIS issues Quick Help for Japanese Nationals Here in the U.S.

To begin, the thoughts and prayers of the member of our office go out to the people of Japan and all Japanese nationals and naturalized citizens here who have family and friends in Japan. We are sorrowful as we see the horrifying images.

USCIS has thankfully issued a news release explaining the help that they can offer Japanese nationals that are here in the U.S. The link is provided below for details straight from the USCIS website.

The USCIS News Release states that the USCIS will allow an additional 30 days for all nationals of Japan who are here in the U.S. on lawful stay that is about to expire. For exact details and procedures that must be followed, please refer to the following link:

Again, please note that it is not advised that Japanese nationals overstay their visa for fear of returning to Japan. The attached news release provides specific steps that have to be taken before USCIS can help the nationals of Japan here in the U.S.

As a final note, I am so grateful that USCIS has really helped the nationals of Haiti in the past and now USCIS has again offered quick help, this time to the nationals of Japan here in the U.S.