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Category Archives: Immediate Relative Petitions

IMPORTANT Update Regarding Spouses of Green Card Holders

As of the upcoming date of August 2013, the category of spouses of lawful permanent residents will be CURRENT!  What this means is that there is no longer any waiting time period for spouses of green card holders to file for their green card.

Please note that there previously was a two to four year wait that spouses of green card holders had to wait before the spouse could file for the green card.  It is important to point out that the green card applications should be promptly and correctly filed in the month of August 2013, as the priority date could potentially fall backwards again as we have seen in the past.

If you are a spouse of a lawful permanent resident, please call my office and I will assist you in obtaining the green card based on your bona fide marriage to a green card holder.  Again, time is of the essence, so do not delay.  Also, you should Not file your green card application before August 1, 2013.  The above Great News applies to applicants from all countries, including China, India, Mexico, and Philippines.

This is great news in terms of the waiting period; however this change does not affect any requirement of maintaining status, etc.  Therefore, you should consult with an immigration lawyer to make sure this change applies favorably to you.





New Rules for Petitioners Residing Abroad Filing Relative Petitions

USCIS recently released a news alert that changes the filing procedures for U.S. petitioners residing abroad who wish to file for their immediate relatives. As of August 15, 2011, U.S. citizen petitioners who want to file a Petition for Alien Relative for their spouses or other family members MUST file their forms with the Chicago Lockbox Facility. In the past and until August 15, 2011, some petitioners residing abroad were able to file their immediate relative petitions directly with their U.S. Embassy via the Department of State at that U.S. Embassy. Filing directly with U.S. Embassies has generally been a faster way to approve visa petitions.

As of August 15, 2011, USCIS has centralized the filing location of the Immediate Relative Petitions to the Chicago Lockbox address, which can be found on the USCIS website.

There is an exception to this change, which is that if there is an international USCIS office having jurisdiction over the area where a petitioner lives, then those petitioners can continue to file their Immediate Relative Petitions with the international USCIS office.