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Category Archives: DMV

DMV Updated Procedures

The Department of Motor Vehicles, also known as DMV, has issued an update as part of their Liaison meeting. There are some interesting tidbits of information in that meeting, as I am sure many people are interested to know the types of documents needed for obtaining a driver’s license.

Administrative Closure or Termination of Removal Proceedings:

The DMV liaison minutes indicates that it will accept Immigration Judges’ Orders for Administrative Closure or Termination of Removal Proceedings as “proof of status.” Presumably this means that applicants that have an original Order from an Immigration Judge showing Administrative Closure or Termination of removal proceedings are now eligible for a driver’s license. This appears to be new, as previously the DMV employee would have needed proof of an employment card before the license could be issued. There is no mention of an employment card requirement in the liaison minutes notes.

The above is important, as hopefully thousands of people have been recipients of administrative closure, and so these individuals can now apply and receive a driver’s license from the DMV.

Cancellation of Removal Applicants:

Applicants for cancellation of removal, who are in removal proceedings, usually need to show an employment card to obtain a driver’s license. If they have a reason for not obtaining an employment card, a system has been put into place where the DMV can be contacted to explain why the applicant for cancellation of removal does not have an employment card but should still be eligible for a driver’s license.

Syrian TPS:

The DMV has indicated that they have updated their systems to note that Syrian nationals are now part of the TPS program.


The DMV now accepts white USCIS receipts (Form I-797) as official proof. The white receipts are a new form of receipt issued by USCIS. The original receipts were printed on colored quality stock paper with the USCIS emblem present all over the form I-797. Now, some of the receipts are printed on ordinary white paper. The DMV has adjusted their policy to accept these white receipts as original receipts.