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DACA Renewal Time Frames October 2016

USCIS has issued information in their Stakeholder Meeting about general time frames for reviewing DACA renewals.  DACA is referring to the program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  USCIS has indicated that they will adjudicate all DACA renewals within 120 days of receiving the petition, assuming the petition was properly filed. If 105 days has passed since you filed your DACA renewal and you have not received a decision or a request for evidence, USCIS has indicated that you can call the 1-800-375-5283 hotline to speak with an Officer regarding the status of your case. You may also send an email to USCIS through your online account. You can create an online account with USCIS by going to this site:

There are some exceptions to the above time frames. You must have completed your biometrics at the designated appointment time. Also, if there is any national security issue, FBI background check or any discrepancy with your name and / or date of birth, your case may take longer than the above time frame. In addition, if USCIS has issued a request for evidence, your case may take longer to process.

The above does not constitute legal advice nor does reading the above create an attorney / client relationship.