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New Developments in Naturalization Procedures

USCIS will soon announce that they will no longer require passport-style pictures with N-400 (naturalization) petitions. This is a big change, as the usual practice is that the passport style pictures must be submitted along with the N-400 petition. Also, applicants usually must sign their name on the passport style pictures during their interview.

USCIS has indicated that this change is due to N-400 petitions now being processed electronically. As a result, each applicant will have their photograph being captured during their biometrics appointment with the Application Support Center.

Another change is that applicants over the age of 75 will be scheduled for a biometrics appointments now, but they are still exempt from paying the $85.00 fingerprint fee.

Please continue to follow the requirements and procedures found on when filing your N-400 petition and continue to attach the passport style pictures until the above becomes effective. USCIS will update this change on their website in the near future.

The above does not constitute legal advice and also the above posting and reading of the above posting does not create an attorney / client relationship.