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Change in Asylum Policy for Miami Asylum Office

The Miami Asylum Office has issued a change in their policy regarding when they will accept additional supporting documentation after an asylum case has been filed. Effective on October 17, 2016, the Miami Asylum office will require that any additional supporting documentation must be mailed in and received by their office at least one week prior to any scheduled interview. Applicants must mail in Three (3) copies of each item of additional documentation in order for the asylum office in Miami to accept the submission.

Failure to comply with this new change may result in the Officer rescheduling the interview and putting a stop to the clock for the applicant’s employment authorization. The rationale behind this policy is that the USCIS Miami asylum office wants to make sure that the Asylum Officer will have enough time to review the asylum petition in full before the scheduled interview. Prior to this change in policy, it was common for Asylum Officers to accept additional newly submitted documentation at the time of the interview.

When possible, it is best to provide all of the documentation required for an asylum case at the time of filing the asylum petition. Examples of required documents may include documents to prove identity, documents to verify the applicant(s) asylum claim(s), country reports and other research, as well statements from the applicant(s), witnesses, and any other relevant documentation your attorney may suggest will be helpful to the Officer in assessing your claim for asylum.

The above does not constitute legal advice and reading the above does not create an attorney / client relationship.