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LA TIMES Reporting that Immigration Reform Is Still Possible

The LA Times Newspaper has recently reported on July 25, 2014 that a new immigration law is expected to pass by the end of the summer 2014. The immigration law being considered could help over 5 million of the estimated 11 million illegals residing in the US at this time. The newspaper article states that President Obama is going to make this immigration law take place via executive action.

From other news sources, it appears that the Republicans will likely oppose immigration reform, and so we will need to wait and see what eventually takes place. Immigration has been a hot topic in the news lately due to the influx of a large number of illegal children entering the US and needing immigration help.

We will keep our fingers crossed that immigration reform will take place, as millions of people are in need of immigration reform. Immigration reform also helps native born Americans, by ensuring that drivers on the road will have a license to drive (rather than driving without a license and therefore without insurance causing potential liability) and also hopefully have car insurance.

I will keep you updated as to any new immigration law reform that takes place, as I am carefully following any changes or updates in immigration law.