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Monthly Archives: September 2011

ICE Arrests 2,900 Criminal Immigrants Over a 7 Day Period

CNN has reported that over a span of 7 days, ICE has arrested 2,900 immigrants who had criminal convictions. ICE arrested 2,900 people from all over the 50 states. The Obama Administration has consistently upheld its policy against criminal aliens, and this is one example of their policy being placed in action. Of those 2,900 people, more than 1,200 people had multiple convictions. Also, 1,600 of those people had felony convictions ranging from manslaughter to sexual crimes against minors. A few were even gang members or convicted sex offenders.

ICE has estimated that there remain at large over 1 million convicted immigrants in the U.S. Most of the people arrested, about 2,600 of them, were men.

I know from the calls I am receiving in my office that enforcement of criminal aliens is definitely on the rise, because at least 50 percent of the calls I have been receiving lately are calls from family members seeking assistance in getting their loved one out of immigration custody. Many of the detained aliens have had some previous criminal conviction(s) in their past.