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Monthly Archives: December 2010


Well, it looks like the Dream Act did not pass the Senate. The Dream Act failed by a vote of 55 to 41. The Dream Act passed the House of Representatives a few weeks ago, and while I was not very hopeful it would pass given the environment we are in right now, I still wished that the Senate would allow it to pass during this Christmas season and time of giving. Unfortunately, we will still need to wait for future immigration reform.

The last immigration reform was in the year of 2001, and it would have been extended had September 11th 2001 not taken place. Since 2001, the only immigration reform we have been seeing is immigration enforcement.

The president issued a statement saying that he regrets that the Dream Act did not pass. Perhaps the most important thing to stress about giving immigrants a chance to obtain legalization is to explain that the Department of Homeland Security will receive billions of dollars in immigration filing fees and IRS will receive millions in taxes from legalized immigrants who can work legally. This should be reason enough for Congress to pass an immigration reform.

I do think, though, that perhaps Immigration officials are just trying to secure the borders first before issuing any immigration reform, so that people do not flood the US when a new law is finally passed. This is important, as we want to make sure the people that are currently here are helped first and foremost. So in a hopeful way of looking at our current immigration situation, I am hopeful that once the borders are secured, that Congress will then be more inclined to pass a legalization bill for illegals here in the US.