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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Close to Home: ICE arrests 32 in Atlanta, GA

September 27, 2010

On or about September 24, 2010, ICE had arrested 32 individuals that fell into one of the following categories. The 32 individuals were arrested during a 4-day operation.
ICE arrested individuals who fell into the following categories:

*individuals with prior criminal convictions (see below)
*individuals previously deported who have re-entered the US
*individuals with a final order of deportation

Some of the criminal convictions referred to above were for crimes involving driving under the influence of alcohol, weapons violations, and assault and disorderly conduct.

What is interesting is that both the crimes of driving under the influence of alcohol and assault / disorderly conduct do not immediately meet the standard for crimes involving moral turpitude (CIMT). So we can assume that even some crimes that are not as severe as possession of a controlled substance, for example, can still cause ICE to arrest an individual and place him or her in removal proceedings.

If an individual is arrested, unless that individual has a final order of removal, he or she can request bond through the Immigration Judge during removal proceedings. If an individual has a final order of removal from previously being in removal proceedings, the standards for obtaining bond are more difficult but are still possible.

Fewer Illegal Immigrants Entering the US

It seems that fewer illegal immigrants are entering the US these days. In fact, there were two-thirds (66%) less illegal immigrants that entered the US from 2007 until 2009 than there was in the years of 2000 until 2005. This decline has resulted in 8% fewer illegal immigrants currently residing in the US. There are now an estimated 11.1 million illegal immigrants, as opposed to 12 million illegal immigrants in 2007.

Although the article did not cite any reasons for the decline, one of the possible reasons is the recession that we are now experiencing. Individuals historically have fled to the US for economic reasons, and since there is now a recession, there is less incentive for individuals to illegally enter the US. Another reason is that individuals are now finding new countries to relocate to, since other countries have more lenient immigration policies. For example, Canada seems to have an increase in the number of immigrants relocating there, as they have immigration programs that welcome investors and other individuals to their homeland.

More information can be obtained at

Businesses Beware: ICE will inspect 500 businesses this week

You read that correctly. Even in this environment where some people are saying we are facing a double dip recession, ICE has announced it will investigate 500 businesses this week alone for immigration related reasons.

Perhaps immigration and ICE need to consider that extreme immigration enforcement will do nothing but keep businesses from sponsoring immigrants. Or maybe that is their goal after all…